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Soul Guide Guardian Angel Spiritual Beings

I learned about my soul guide, Amera, at least that’s the name that came to my mind. I didn’t hear the name because souls communicate telepathically, we have no body, thus no vocal cords or mouth.

However, during my second visit home, I called for “Amera” and he came to me. In the soul world, names are sounds, or vibrations, spelling it is familiar letters that came to my mind, like pictures. He, I sensed Amera wanted to be seen as male, (at least to me) was blue in color.

There were many times in my current life that I thought I should have died or been severely injured but for some reason, it seems I was protected. Years ago I would have dreams and see this man, never his face, and would be warned about a person or place.

When this man in my dreams would touch my shoulder, it felt like love and security, so familiar. The dreams were very vivid, I can still remember the feel of his touch from 2007 and longer. Amera told me he connected with me in my dreams as a man who looked like others I was around during that time of my life.

Soul Guide


During the first past life regression, when my body died on Earth and I entered the spirit world, my guide led me to the room to heal from the dark life of WWII. After I felt better, I came back to Earth without seeing anyone else in the soul world, Heaven. I didn’t understand why but have faith that I needed to learn more before moving forward.

Spiritual Guide


Helping humanity energizes you, others, and the planet.


Our Soul Guides Help Us

They can Assist in this life which is known as divine intervention

My second time visiting Home was so much better, my human body, John, was a good man and as a soul I went right to the soul world, no healing needed, it seems I knew where to go without any help. My soul family, in the distance, waited, I guess they knew I was coming.

I had to ask Amera “please come to me”, then from another direction I could see a hazy blue light coming closer. I had to slow down my vibrations and flying so I could see more clearly. Amera, my soul guide, wants me to go to my group but I don’t know what to say.

It comes to my mind that I need to be more balanced on Earth, look at my birthday, Libra, the Scales, not balanced though and I laugh. Amera is laughing too and says, “Finally, it only took this long”, with a certain witty humor.

He does not answer when I ask if my soul mate is in my current life or about the souls of Brug’s (WWII life), younger brother and sister. However, most everything else I asked was answered, or at least a reply to help me figure it out.

Levels Of Souls

Significance of your Soul’s Evolution

The chart you see represents Souls and their levels according to everything I’ve studied over the years. This chart was in a book by Michael Newton. It can take thousands of lifetimes, (not always on Earth as there are other planets we go to), for our souls to evolve and advance our soul’s level. Just as a human body has an aura of color, as some can see and write about, our souls are different colors, luminescent, and to me, sparkling. Amera touched me before I left, his “light” touched my light, and all that I said was, “Ahhhh, his light touched me, it’s just ahhh, He’s so amazing!” Maybe so I would remember his “touch”, they do come to Earth at times to help us, or maybe it was a spiritual communication or transfer of energy, I’m not sure but it was real and awesome!

During that second visit home, I saw that my soul’s color was yellow as was those in my soul group/family. I am so happy I transcribed the second visit from the practitioner’s session tape. I wanted to stay there, in my true home, but my soul guide said I was to write about the truth in a way others will understand. And this is why you are reading this website.


Levels Of Souls


One of my brothers in my present life asked “what about aliens?” Our Creator created everything in the Universe, even other beings. Maybe the aliens which are mentioned in the ancient texts, bibles, etc, were beings that advanced souls entered to come to Earth, perhaps other planets as well, but came to Earth to advance the human condition, maybe? I have thought about it and watched shows on the subject, maybe my brother has a point here. Just trying to keep an open mind. This is for you, Beamer.