Why God Created Karma

God created Karma. It is not about punishment or reward, it’s about actions. Karma gives us the opportunity to create balance within ourselves. If we committed an action that has bad consequences, we have the chance to reverse the outcome and develop more spiritually. You want good karma in your life and you have that choice, because everything is about Free Will. God created Karma so our souls can achieve balance.

Our Creator gave mankind Free Will for a reason and does not interfere nor do the spiritual guides (or angels), interfere with Free Will. They may help guide us but they never take away our choices, good or bad, to insert their own will for us. Every choice we make in our life should be with good intentions.



Your Soul's Character

your Life’s Plan

Your Soul Makes A Plan Before Returning

Karma is our soul’s checks and balances system. You made an agreement before you incarnated in this lifetime, with other souls (to help one or all) with a lesson, usually there’s a karmic component where you find balance by correcting a character flaw. Karma shows us trends in our character so we can take steps to change them. As I mentioned before, in the three lives I know of, one trend for me was protection. Now that I know this, I can pull back on protecting those I love, who don’t want my advice or need it. They came here as souls with a plan, help from their guide and other souls, to learn their life’s lessons. I know this now and I pray their Guide and Plan keeps them safe.

Human’s Knew 3,500 Years Ago

it Is About The Cycle Of Cause And Effect

Karma was written in texts more than 1,000 years BC, from ancient Sanskrit. In that meaning it was about action, cause and effect. It is the intention of our actions that matter and Free Will is always involved.

Do our souls carry karma from a past life to the next life? I believe when we make our plan to incarnate in another life, we know what lessons we need to learn. However, we know we will not remember due to amnesia we agree to when going to Earth. If we came here and knew the truth about souls and our plan, how could we learn?

We are here to face challenges and overcome those challenges, that is how our soul evolves spiritually. This is why souls like coming to Earth, not just for the beauty of the planet, but because of humans and our Free Will. Mankind is the most challenging for souls as opposed to other worlds and other beings, and yes there are others in the Universe.

Ancient Knowledge

I believe pyramids, which are all over the world, are not tombs. I think they were built for communication, energy, or a guidance system. Coming out of the Stone Age humans did not have this knowledge, so who told them how to build with this precision?

Nikola Tesla believed pyramids were important and in 1899 when he set up his wireless communication in Colorado Springs he was aligned with the Great Pyramids, and the wireless worked. He also had an obsession with the number 3. Three pyramids, the Trinity (three) and now we know in human DNA there is a sequence of three.
So much we don’t know and so much I want to learn.